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The American Sentinel Canine Extension Program

This page was created for individuals that are extensions of our American Sentinel Canine program and that also meet certain criteria. Honestly, I have some reluctance about creating this page because I fear that people will ask to be listed on it, and simply put, that is NOT how this page will work. Asking me or offering to pay me to list you on this page will not work. Instead, this page is something I offer to those we confirm have what we look for as a breeder. I know very few people have what it takes to be a good breeder, yet I do not wish to offend people. For this reason, should you ask to be listed, my response will be, "Sorry, our policy is to deny all people that ask to be listed on our page. Listings on our page can only be made by me personally knowing you meet certain criteria. It isn't about believing you meet it. I have to be able to confirm it with proof, which may require more time, and even then you may still be denied. Thank you for your interest though."

While we certainly appreciate our extended American Sentinel Canine family, we have decided the only way people can be listed on this page is to display the following criteria...

  1. Individuals must be cooperative, loyal, and honest because integrity is the most important criteria. In order to be productive, these characteristics are a must. We can teach dog knowledge, but we cannot teach the desire to work hard nor can we teach integrity...these are things that you have to have already.
  2. Prove you work your dogs. For us to know you are interested in the betterment of the American Sentinel Canine as a breed, individuals must display a level of dedication to working dogs that simply put is rare...above and beyond the "family pet" or "hobby" type mindset, but more of a love and a way of life. This "dedication" will not be based off a person's word however, for trust is earned over time, so proof must be submitted for every claim.
  3. Stand behind your dogs with a replacement guarantee should any health issues show up in the first 2 years of the dog's life. This requirement is void when the buyer has already bred the dog.
  4. I will not list anyone on my page that behaves in a way that I consider inappropriate, offensive, or hateful.

ASCR Certificate of Registration


Keaten's Performance Bred Bandogs

Our relationship with Keaten Temple began about 8 years ago when he developed an interest in our program. Over the years, we have seen Keaten continually display a level of commitment that has been unmatched by anyone else we have ever worked with. He began learning about decoy work around 2010, and has continually worked to improve his knowledge of working dogs by traveling down here too many times to keep track of despite that he lives nearly 2 hours away. Many videos are on YouTube with Keaten when he was just getting started as a decoy, and if you watch those older videos compared to what he is doing today you will be able to see he has come a long way.

Keaten currently has six American Sentinels, which are listed below. His standards are very high and to date Keaten is one of very few breeders of American Sentinels that I feel 100% comfortable endorsing. I am pleased to say that if you get a dog from Keaten, you can rest assured the quality of dog that you will get from him will be the same quality that we are producing right here. We frequently work together and may use each other's dogs in each of our breeding programs. Keaten's program should be considered an extension program of American Sentinel K9, LLC, and as a result his breedings are listed on our "Bandogs for Sale" page.

Keaten's Rebel

Keaten's Rebel is out of ASC's Preacher-Man and Keaten's old catch dog Zoey (RIP). Rebel is one from Keaten's first breeding of American Sentinels and has done very well at both protection work and catch work. On the left is his biggest hogs to date, which weighed 372#. Below are a few videos of Rebel in protection training...

Height: 25"

Weight: 80#

ASC's Kovu (owned by Keaten)
ASC's Kovu is out of Achilles of Midgard and ASC's Lynn. He is a very large dog weighing in around 140# and is a full-sibling/litter-mate to ASC's Blue Jean, and he is bigger than what Keaten and I are personally looking for. As a result, Keaten plans on keeping one of his offspring out of him and ASC's Yellow, and selling him should the right home come around. He is naturally protective and has a very aggressive side to him. Below is a video of him doing some protection work, but he enjoys the work enough that it is really difficult to determine how protective he is naturally from this video. He will not allow strangers into an area, and is also aggressive to other animals. He does not get along well with other dogs, and despite his size he has caught a hog before (but only as a second dog due to being big and slower, although when he grabs one he shuts it down).

Height: 27.5"

Weight: 140-145#

ASC's Freya (owned by Keaten)
ASC's Freya is out of ASC's Preacher-Man x Wild Thing. She is a high drive female with good nerves and is super athletic. As a result, she has taken to protection work very well. She is especially protective of Keaten's wife, Reagan.

Height: 24"

Weight: 70#

Keaten's Grendel
Keaten's Grendel is out of his boy Rebel bred back to ASC's Valkyrie. Grendel looks and acts a lot like her sire, and catches hogs just like he does, that's for certain...already having several sole catches under her collar before she was even a year old. Structurally, she is a strong and masculine female, and weighs in around 70-75# at 15 months old.

Height: 24"

Weight: 75#

ASC's Valkyrie (owned by Keaten)
ASC's Valkyrie is out of ASC's Preacher-Man x ASC's Blue Jean. She is one of our biggest females being around 27-28" at the withers 105# in weight. She is extremely athletic (can jump a 6' fence), has great working ability, and outstanding determination. This dog acts like a game-dog once she is fired up on her it man or beast. She has been tested on hogs and loves hunting, but most of her work has been protection type work.

Height: 27"

Weight: 105#

Hips: Good

ASC's Yellow (owned by Keaten)
ASC's Yellow is out of ASC's Boss x ASC's Nunovit, and she is a litter-mate/full-sibling to ASC's Wrecker. She is a big girl, weighing in around 100# and yet she is still an effective hog catch dog.  While she is not trained in protection work, she has been evaluated in protection work and took to it naturally.

Height: 27"

Weight: 100#