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Built2Last Nylon Collars, Leashes, & Accessories

Leashes & Lines


Collars (2 inches wide)

Light weight nylon leash



Standard 2-ply Nylon Collar


2-ply agitation leash



3-Ply Nylon Agitation Collar


4' Tug-line. 1" nylon w/ handle (adds distance to sleeves & tugs)



3-ply Double D-Ring Collar for long term tethering (use 1 ring w/ leash)


3-ply Back-tie w/ quick connects



3-ply Agitation Collar w/ handle


2-in-1 coupling (connects



Shipping Rates - US Priority insured*

two dogs to one leash)


One leash or back-tie


2-ply Leash, coupling, two 2-ply collars



One collar


2-Ply Leash, coupling, two 3-ply collars



Multiple items


*Shipping rates listed are for Domestic shipments. International shipments may incur additional fees.

Our nylon agitation collar has a single continuous nylon belt that is looped in such a way that the stress of a lunging dog is on the hardware (where it belongs) instead of the stitching. Additionally, the D-ring is placed so THREE layers of the nylon belt run through the D-Ring. It is a fail-proof design built to last an incredibly long time. Finally, notice our buckle, which has two heavy duty prongs instead of one large prong or two small prongs. These are the strongest agitation collars on the market.

To get the correct size collar, measure your dog's neck and add 3 inches, or BETTER YET...
measure your current collar from the OUTSIDE end of the buckle to the hole you use.

Triple-Ply Built2Last Collar

Double D-Ring Triple-Ply Built2Last Collar

Heavy Nylon Collar w/ built in handle (old design...we use a metal retainer now, as seen above)

Heavy Nylon Leash (2 ply full length with opposing 4 ply innerlap/overlap at buckle) - $29
Length (in feet):  2, 4, & 6'

Built2Last Back Tie: Triple-ply with quick connect / disconnect feature   $39 (black)
NOTICE - Quick connect has been changed to a LOCKING type carabiner for the post end.

I am pleased to announce that our new Built2Last quick connect/disconnect back tie is proving to be very beneficial when making transitions from post work to leash work as it allows for efficient transitions between the two. The back tie maintains a high degree of safety for the decoy by eliminating the common "extra foot" error that green handlers often make when a decoy is doing civil work or when the decoy withdraws a presentation from a dog that isn't fully committed in its efforts. A rookie handler often doesn't understand that a decoy may intentionally withdraw the presentation of a sleeve when a dog isn't fully committed, and I have found that rookie handlers often give their dog extra line as the decoy pulls the sleeve out of the dog's reach. Using a back tie such as this not only eliminates these mistakes thereby allowing training to progress efficiently and optimally, but it also allows the handler to get a better understanding of the decoys actions before proceeding with leash work.

Click the following link to see a video of this product.

The strength of Built2Last Collars...

Our method of using ONE CONTINUOUS BELT prevents unnecessary stress on the stitching since both ends are secured by the double prong buckle. Even if no stitching was in the design at all, our design would not fail since the collar runs through the D-ring with both ends secured by the buckle.

Don't be fooled into thinking the D-Ring should be forward of the buckle on an agitation collar. That design layout is inferior, for it stresses the stitching and as the collar ages it can lead to failure. After having an "agitation collar" with the D-ring on the end (with the buckle set back 2") fail on me, I noticed that design stresses place undo stress on the stitching forward the buckle...which is why it failed. At that point, I started making my own collars, but placed the buckle on the end and the D-ring back. That way the dog can lunge all they want and the stress is on the material and hardware instead of the stitching, which is how it should be.

Additionally, avoid single prong or light weight prong designs. Light weight prongs can bend, and single prongs are more prone to tear through the material. When you need a heavy duty collar, be sure to select welded buckles with two heavy duty prongs and welded D-rings.

Built2Last Leathers

Due to scheduling, I only do leather work during June & July.

  • Leather collars are 2" wide triple layered LATIGO LEATHER - $95 (not taking orders)
  • STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE - 2" D-ring & double tongue buckle
  • Reinforcment layer goes through the buckle for extra support & strength 
  • Buckle on end design w/ D-ring set back 2" eliminating rivet stress
  • 4 spot or 5 spot "chicago screw" rivet pattern (your choice)
  •  Sizes (inches): CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY...measured to length plus or minus 1.25"

Leather Leashes - (Not taking orders for leather work at this time)

6 foot length, made from thick single ply 1" harness leather.    $39

4 foot length, made from thick double-ply 1" harness leather.  $75

We also have a 4 spot pattern which is 2 parallel rows of studs (not pictured).

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