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American Sentinel Canines performing as Catch dogs...


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Catching dangerous game has remained a large portion of the Bandog's history, yet few bandog programs test their dogs in this venue. To ensure every generation of American Sentinels is performance tested, the American Sentinel Canine Registry (ASCR) requires all breeding stock to display the traits required by bandogs before their offspring may be registered. Criminals and wild hogs both have a devastating impact on the lives of honest hard working people, which is why the ASCR remains true to the bandog's history and requires protection training demonstrations or documented legal catch dog hunts as validation of working potential. American Sentinels must display exceptional athleticism, drive, heat tolerance, stamina, determination, and combative abilities. For these reasons, we welcome hunters of wild boar to try our dogs as catch dogs in legal hunting applications.

ASC's Little Hurtin in action...

Our "Catch Dog Program" exists for people that can provide proof of their catch dogs being used in legal hunting situations, and allows qualified hog hunters access to quality catch dogs at a discounted price in order to further prove the American Sentinel as the premier bandog program in existence. Before you contact us about this program, there are a few things you should know ahead of time.
  1. Our dogs are first screened for our companion guardian/protection dog program.
  2. The remaining dogs are then screened for our Catch Dog Program (CDP) by evaluating their prey drive, determination, grip, and athleticism. Dogs found to be lacking the necessary traits for catch work are NOT placed into the CDP.
  3. Catch Dog Program applicants that are seeking a discount must submit at least two videos of prior hunts with hogs being legally caught with catch dogs. No discount is available unless you are able to provide proof of your hunts.
  4. Dogs in our Catch Dog Program are guaranteed to be genetically healthy and capable catch dogs.
  5. Our guarantee does not cover environmental factors such as communicable diseases, injury, etc.
  6. To make sure only healthy working dogs are bred, our guarantee is void if the dog has been bred.
  7. ASCR registration is provided after we receive proof that the dogs are successfully catching hogs.
  8. You may register American Sentinel puppies with the ASCR only if the offspring were produced from two proven American Sentinels that earned ASCR registration. To maintain the required traits of the American Sentinel, each generation of offspring must pass performance evaluations before the next generation of offspring can be registered.

ASC's Sugar

ASC's Sugar
ASC's Sugar has caught 31 hogs since I picked her up back in November (7 months ago). She will anchor one down.
She catches smart and handles great, never aggressive in truck or dog box. Thanks Lee!!!"
  - Jason Sowell, Tx

Hogs caught by ASC's Sugar

ASC's Boss

Pictured above is ASC's Boss with two large boar (a 365#er and a 395#er). The hogs were bayed with some hounds, but ASC's Boss was the only catch dog out on the trail when these boars were apprehended. Boss caught one of the boars by himself and held him secure while it was dispatched. After the hog was dispatched, Boss then released the first hog and ran down the second hog and caught him as well. American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), American Bulldog (AB), Jag Terriers, and Dogo can all do well at catch work in various conditions, but each seems to lack some area. APBTs lack power on a big hog, ABs lack endurance, Jag Terriers lack durability when pinned in tight quarters, and Dogos lack determination when they encounter a rough boar. The American Sentinel brings a great balance of all these needed traits so you can spend your time in the woods catching wild hogs instead of looking for catch dogs that won't let you down.

Mike T., Johnny B., a friend of theirs, ASC's Little Hurtin, ASC's Diamond, some bay dogs, and a dead 300# boar...

ASC's Annie-Oakley, the brindle dog in the center w/cropped ears, docked tail, & cut vest

Pictured below is a 300# boar caught by ASC's Little Hurtin and ASC's Diamond.

ASC's Little Hurtin...

ASC's Lava Girl (the larger dog on the right)

ASC's Hunter

ASC's Nunovit

ASC's Critter

A couple of American Sentinels loaded up behind some of the bay dog route to hunt

300# live capture (to compare size, this hog is in the same trailer pictured above).

The picture below was not catch work; however, the dog (Leviathan) was used to blood trail this buck.

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