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- Performance bandogs bred to catch bad men & wild boar.

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or Internationally

Shipping to Hawaii & Alaska: Feel free to contact us if you are interested in having a dog or pup shipped to Hawaii. If so, we will check the rates for a particular dog, as rates vary with size/age.

International Shipping:  The laws and shipping requirements for exporting a dog from the USA have changed. Before 2010, we exported dogs from the USA to other countries many times, and it was not that difficult in terms of paper work or legal requirements. Today however, things are different. It is rather time consuming not only to ship pups overseas, but even to get quotes and to find what all is required to export. International shipment requires all the items needed for domestic shipment, plus it requires documentation with the USDA for export, rabies paperwork, microchipping the dog, and here is the biggest issue...most countries receiving a dog from the USA also now require a "broker" to manage the transfer. These brokers are very expensive (in some cases over $2500), and are not including in the freight. By the time everything is done, expect to spend over $5000 to receive a dog overseas. If you are not prepared to spend $5000 for a dog, please do not ask me to check on shipping a dog overseas, as it is very time consuming. If you insist on having me check, I will for a fee. If you however would like to find another way to get the dog there, please feel free to do so. I have had people fly in and pick up two dogs and then they managed exporting dogs that were now theirs to their country themselves. I do not know the details myself, but it is my understanding this eliminates the requirement of a broker. This may be something that you can look into.