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We strongly recommend the following videos

The video series "Obedience Without Conflict" and "The Game" by Ivan Balabanov is an excellent video series that we highly recommend to our clients, as it will help owners become more productive and responsible handlers. Of course, the level of this benefit will depend upon the owner's commitment.

I have seen many videos on obedience training, and it is my opinion that this is by far the best I have come across, as it takes a research based, scientifically tested and proven approach to animal psychology, and incorporates techniques that allow promote clear communication with our canines in a completely practical and effective manner. Ivan Balabanov has proven his techniques in national and international competition as a top competitor, and even obtained world championship titles in Schutzhund. This video series is the only obedience video that I endorse without any reservations. This video series also helps lay a basic foundation of communicating with a canine that can later be beneficial for PP work or sport work.

Click on the link to order Ivan Balabanov's videos.

  1. Obedience Without Conflict
  2. The Game video series by Ivan Balabanov
In the near future, I will be adding a short list of other videos we recommend. Thanks for viewing.

With Roger Abshire of USK9

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